Who is Crazy Legs

It Started With Custom Saddle Pads and Polo Leg Wraps

Crazy Legs Store opened in the year 2000 offering two products; polo leg wraps and custom saddle pads in the wildest of prints.  The response was so great, it was not long until they extended the product line.   Saddle covers, coolers, helmet covers, throw blankets for people and even fleece jackets and vests for the riders were added.     The fleece prints became so popular and the concept was “the crazier the better”.   WCAX-TV described their concept as the take off of the “Equestrian Barbie”.  They created an opportunity for all equestrians to dress their horses and themselves in hundreds of new prints and products that were never ending.

Soon after Crazy Legs branched into rider & non- rider accessories such as fleece headbands and  neckwarmers.    One of their most recent designs includes quarter sheets.  They offer an under saddle reversible fleece sheet and the quite popular, wrap around the rider sheet.

In a very short period, Crazy Legs went from two products to 42, ranging from equestrian products to blankets, purses, wallets, tote bags and accessories to outerwear jackets and vest.  In 2003, they decided to scale down the wide variety of product line.  They felt it was most important to focus on what they do best.  The saddle pads were number one, so they eliminated many of the accessories and left the outwear to another industry professional.

Crazy Legs’ beginning years were spent traveling the roads making appearances at many horse shows.  The focus was to do everything they could to get the product visible to the riders.   They talked about the product, showed the product to tack shops, and donated many items to organizations in need.

In 2011, Crazy Legs announced an expansion into small animal products.  Hence, began Crazy Legs Canine, specializing in high quality supplements for dogs and cats.  And, of course, the Crazy Legs Cozy Sweater!

Karen Sidney-Plummer, owner of Crazy Legs has been a Hunter / Jumper for many years.  She shares the same passion that many of you feel for the horse industry.   Sidney-Plummer first created Crazy Legs through continued interest of being one of those equestrian bugs.   She studied the interests of the pony club kids and fed off their excitement and ever changing likes and dislikes.   Interviewing the riders became a daily experience for her.  Many of these young riders would get to test out the products before they were accepted as part of the product line.   How much fun was that for the kids!

Sidney-Plummer’s educational background was through Penn Sate University.  Her experience throughout the years has been in business development, specializing in the retail and real estate industry.  She consults for businesses that are looking for expert advice and direction.   Troubleshooting is her expertise.  She taught Business courses through the University of Vermont and now lectures and offers consultations upon request.

Crazy Legs believes customer service excellence is a key factor to their success.   For that reason they show strong interest in receiving feedback on their products.    It is very important to them to “listen to their customers”.    This is the most effective way to stay at their best.